The little Coffee-Cup-World


Ink and chalk

Cup-Studi­en – Ink, Computer-color

est. 1925–1926. Closed 1933 by the Nazis – there are still some among us! TEACHERS: Walter Gropi­us – Henry van de Velde-Marcel – Breuer – Marian­ne Brandt – Gunta Stölzel – Hannes Meyer – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – Muster­häu­ser by: Moholy Nagy – Lyonel Feinin­ger – Georg Muche – Oskar Schlem­mer – Wassi­ly Kandin­sky – Paul Klee and others… Ink & Computercolor

the perfect world in our city…

…and the disas­ter!!! Ink, Colorpencil